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Brad Yacobian (Commander)

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Gar Reeves-Stevens (Commander)

Commander Yacobian (2161)

Commander Brad Yacobian was a Starfleet officer in the 22nd century.

Yacobian was in charge of vehicle development during the production of the NX-01. (Star Trek: Enterprise set artwork)

In January 2155, Yacobian was working in Mission Operations at the Fleet Operations Center on Earth. His office was in room #1056. (ENT: "Demons" set artwork)

In 2161, Yacobian, wearing an Enterprise assignment patch, attended the Federation Founding Ceremony and witnessed the speech of Captain Jonathan Archer. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages...")

Background information

The character was portrayed by producer Garfield Reeves-Stevens and named after producer and unit production manager Brad Yacobian.

The name "B. Yacobian" appeared on two pieces of set artwork during Star Trek: Enterprise:

The name "Brad Yacobian" appeared on the nametag of producer Garfield Reeves-Stevens during his cameo in "These Are the Voyages...". Although not visible during the episode or in background material, this was revealed by Larry Nemecek in Issue #124 of Star Trek Magazine.

Reeves-Stevens was also referred to jokingly as "Commander Gar Reeves-Stevens" in the Enterprise Secrets special feature on the DVD for Enterprise season 4.

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