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Archer is captured by a Tellarite bounty hunter who plans to hand him over to the Klingons; a microbe induces the pon farr in T'Pol who finds herself confined to the decon chamber with Phlox.

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Enterprise NX-01 is exploring an uninhabited planet when a shuttle suddenly arrives. Captain Jonathan Archer and Charles Tucker return to the ship to greet a friendly Tellarite who eventually offers them to be their guide for a shore leave, as he pretends to know the planet well. Unfortunately, as soon as Archer is in physical proximity, the Tellarite abducts him, disabling the Enterprise starboard warp nacelle before going to warp. Lieutenant Malcolm Reed then orders everyone on the planet to return. Sub-Commander T'Pol and Doctor Phlox bring back an unusual microbe and have to go through decontamination, leaving Tucker in command.

From the discussion between Archer and Skalaar, we learn that the Tellarite is a bounty hunter and that he is planning to return the captain to the Klingons, since they offered a big reward after Archer's escape from Rura Penthe. Even if Skalaar had not been hunting criminals all his life – he was a freighter captain until the Klingons seized his ship, the Tezra – he seems to be pretty experienced and sends the Enterprise in the wrong direction with a beacon emitting a false warp signature.

L class planet in Bounty

Skalaar's shuttle on the surface of a class L planet

A short while after, another bounty hunter, Kago-Darr, shows up to steal Archer from Skalaar. The Tellarite prefers to let Archer take the helm instead of having him taken away and they are able to knock off Kago's engines before they are also forced to land in order to make external repairs. Archer's attempt at sabotaging the ship is unsuccessful.

In the Enterprise's decon chamber, the microbe is giving T'Pol a hard time. She has difficulty controlling her emotions and eventually enters an artificially induced pon farr. Phlox is able to stay very professional in spite of the science officer's attempts at seduction. Unfortunately, T'Pol soon becomes aggressive and escapes from the chamber, but she doesn't go far as the deck is soon sealed and the Vulcan is stunned.

After a stop at his brother's workshop, Skalaar learned that the Klingons already cannibalized his dear Tezra and he becomes more compassionate towards Archer. He "locks" Archer with false handcuffs, a wise move since the Klingon captain, Goroth, decides to give him only 6,000 of the 9,000 promised darseks. On the Klingon ship, Archer eventually escapes from his holding cell and is able to make it to an escape pod. The Enterprise has no difficulty finding him after Skalaar gives them the Klingon ship's position. They get back their captain after disabling Goroth's ship's weapons.

In the end, Phlox's treatment seemed to have worked fine on T'Pol and Skalaar wishes best of luck to Archer, for the Klingon bounty will probably double after this new escape.

Memorable quotes Edit

"I've learned never to cross a Klingon."

- Skalaar

"You'd be wise to keep quiet. The Klingons pay me the same whether you're alive or dead."

- Skalaar, to Archer

"Your endorphine and hormonal levels are dangerously high!"
"You don't understand, I'm not ill."
"These are hardly normal readings!"
"They're normal for a Vulcan in my condition."

- Dr. Phlox and T'Pol, isolated in decon

"If I don't mate with a male, Vulcan or otherwise, I'll die."

- T'Pol

"I'm hungry."
"Our meals will be here soon."
"I wasn't referring to food."

- T'Pol and Phlox

"Don't be frightened. I won't hurt you."
"You're disturbing my serum!"

- T'Pol and Phlox

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