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Transwarp network

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Borg transwarp network

The Borg transwarp network

A transwarp network, sometimes spelled as trans warp network, was the term used of networked transwarp connections in space. (VOY: "Endgame"; Star Trek Into Darkness, display graphic)

Borg transwarp network

The Borg transwarp network in the 24th century was a vast series of transwarp conduits spanning the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The conduits in the network were connected by several transwarp hubs, and were supported by a series of interspatial manifolds, which were protected by shielding regulated from the central nexus by the Borg Queen herself. The network maintained thousands of exit apertures in all four quadrants, allowing the Collective to deploy vessels almost anywhere in the galaxy within minutes, giving the Borg a decisive tactical advantage.

The transwarp network was destroyed in 2378 when Kathryn Janeway's counterpart from 2404 was able to infect the Queen with a neurolytic pathogen, an act which interfered with the Queen's ability to regulate the shielding protecting the interspatial manifolds. This in turn allowed the crew of the USS Voyager to fire a series of transphasic torpedoes, destroying the manifolds and causing the network to collapse. (VOY: "Endgame")

There were some discrepancies between the display graphic of the network and the dialogue about it. According to dialogue there were six transwarp hubs in the galaxy, while the graphic only showed four hubs, one in each quadrant. Additionally, according to dialogue, there were only exit apertures in the Alpha Quadrant, while the graphic shows a hub in the Alpha Quadrant as well.

Federation transwarp network

By 2259, in the alternate reality, the United Federation of Planets had established a transwarp network in the sectors near the Klingon Neutral Zone.

A location in Federation space was marked as "trans warp network" on a Neutral Zone Activity star chart in 2259. The chart was displayed at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth in the offices of Admiral Christopher Pike and Admiral Alexander Marcus. (Star Trek Into Darkness, display graphic)

The location name labels on the star chart were not legible on screen in the film, as the chart was out of focus in all the scenes where it was seen. Legible video of the star chart was released by the graphic designer Jorge Almeida. [1]
In the comic book stories, set in 2259 before Star Trek Into Darkness, The Truth About Tribbles, Part 1 and Part 2, on which the films screenwriter Roberto Orci served as a creative consultant, Scotty successfully experiments with extreme long-range transwarp beaming. He sends his pet tribble back to Earth from the Iota Geminorum system by bouncing the beam off relays along the way. Scotty explains the intention of creating this networked transwarp beaming was to allow Starfleet to beam living things between Earth and the fleet stationed in deep space.

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