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Borg transwarp network

The Borg transwarp network

The Borg transwarp network was a vast series of transwarp conduits spanning the entire galaxy. The conduits were connected by six transwarp hubs, and were supported by a series of interspatial manifolds, which were protected by shielding regulated from the central nexus by the Borg Queen herself. The network maintained thousands of exit apertures in all four quadrants, allowing the Collective to deploy vessels almost anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy within minutes, giving the Borg a decisive tactical advantage.

The transwarp network was destroyed in 2378 when Kathryn Janeway's counterpart from twenty-six years in the future was able to infect the Queen with a neurolytic pathogen, an act which interfered with the Queen's ability to regulate the shielding protecting the interspatial manifolds. This allowed the crew of the USS Voyager to fire a series of transphasic torpedoes, destroying the manifolds and causing the network to collapse. (VOY: "Endgame")

Curiously, although Janeway mentions Seven telling her "there were only six of them in the galaxy", the graphic only shows four transwarp hubs, one in each quadrant. Additionally, a hub's presence in the Alpha Quadrant is disputed. Upon being asked by Chakotay if Voyager could destroy the network upon returning to the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Janeway angrily responded by telling her crew in the Delta Quadrant that "this hub is here. There isn't anything in the Alpha Quadrant besides exit apertures." (VOY: "Endgame")

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