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Crewman Boq'ta was a Bolian engineer stationed aboard Deep Space 9 in the 2370s. Crewman Pechetti, a fellow engineer, convinced him to volunteer for a salvage operation on Empok Nor in 2373, without informing him that the station would be booby-trapped.

Soft-spoken and attentive, he identified a biogenic compound while ascending a staircase on Empok Nor's Promenade with Garak. From there. they noticed the infirmary's door was open, and went to investigate. Inside, they found Cardassian stasis tubes, one of which was damaged. From the body found inside the damaged tube, He collected a military regimental badge for the Third Order, First Battalion, saying that it'd "make Pechetti day".

After the runabout was destroyed, O'Brien teamed him up with Amaro, a security officer to watch his back, and assigned him to realign the magnetic flow field in conduit G4. When he was finished, O'Brien sent them to the Auxiliary Control Center to reconfigure the pulse generator. He was subsequently killed by a Cardassian soldier who was under the influence of a psychotropic drug.

Post-mortem, his body, along with the others, were hung alongside a corridor by Garak, who was also infected with the psychotropic drug, as part of the "loyal team to cheer [O'Brien] on" in the final confrontation between Garak and O'Brien. (DS9: "Empok Nor")

From their jocular interactions throughout the episode, it would appear that Boq'ta and Pechetti already knew each other well prior to the mission, but he was not as familiar with the other officers.

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