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Bopak III

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Bopak III
Bopak III.jpg

Bopak III from orbit

Class: M
Type: Planet
Location: Bopak system
Gamma Quadrant
Bopak III surface.jpg

The surface of Bopak III

Bopak III was the third planet in the Bopak planetary system. This planet was located in the Gamma Quadrant. This was an uninhabited M-class planet. The native plants possessed unusually high concentrations of chlorophyll for a planet orbiting a red giant.

In 2369, a Dominion ship crash-landed on Bopak III. The Jem'Hadar Goran'Agar was the only survivor, who was rescued after 35 days. Goran'Agar believed that something in the ecosystem of Bopak III had cured him of his addiction to ketracel-white, and three years later brought the rest of his unit to the planet to be cured as well. Their ship was detected by a runabout piloted by Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir, who were captured after landing. Bashir determined that Bopak III was not responsible for curing Goran'Agar. With their supply of white nearly gone, Goran'Agar released the two Starfleet officers and remained on the planet to kill the rest of his unit, rather than letting them die slowly from lack of white. (DS9: "Hippocratic Oath")

In a Section 31 holodeck program, Luther Sloan questioned Julian Bashir on the events that took place on Bopak III. (DS9: "Inquisition")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (page 75), the Bopak system was a single star system. Primary was a Class M star with a magnitude of +1, which was a hundred times brighter than Sol.

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