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Bok was a Ferengi DaiMon in the early 2360s. His only son was killed in the Battle of Maxia when his ship was destroyed by the USS Stargazer, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. This affected Bok greatly, and he plotted his revenge for years. He attempted to carry it out in 2364 when he used a thought maker to influence Picard's actions. He tried to trick Picard into attacking the USS Enterprise-D, but his plot was foiled. He was subsequently relieved of command of his ship by his first officer Kazago for his "unprofitable venture". (TNG: "The Battle")

Bok was stripped of his title of DaiMon soon after and was incarcerated at Rog Prison, though he eventually bought his way out and made his way to the Dorias Cluster. Bok again tried to obtain revenge on Picard in 2370, by killing his son, Jason Vigo. Picard had been unaware of the existence of Vigo until Bok's threat against him. It was later discovered that Vigo was not his son, but his DNA had been altered by Bok to make it appear that way. Bok failed to kill Vigo, prevented by Picard's intervention. His Ferengi associates, having been told it was a plot to make Picard pay ransom money, turned against him after learning the truth. (TNG: "Bloodlines")

Background information Edit

Aramut, A Final Unity

Bok's face used for the character Aramut in A Final Unity

Bok was played by Frank Corsentino in "The Battle" and by Lee Arenberg in "Bloodlines".

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, author Larry Nemecek said that actor Frank Corsentino couldn't be located to reprise Bok in "Bloodlines," so Lee Arenberg stepped into the role (despite having played another Ferengi, Prak, earlier that season on "Force of Nature"). Evidently, Corsentino was later "found" and played Gegis in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Inside Man".

Bok's face, belonging to Frank Corsentino's, was reused for the character of Aramut in the 1995 video game Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity. Corsentino was not credited in the game, however.

Apocrypha Edit

In the Lost Era novel The Buried Age, Bok's son was named Flax, and the ship he commanded was known as the Seventy-Fifth Rule (referring to the 75th Rule of Acquisition: "Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of latinum"). The Seventy-Fifth Rule was conducting a survey of the Maxia Zeta star system, discovering a massive wealth of dilithium and other precious metals before the Stargazer arrived in the system on its own survey mission. Believing the Federation to be insane due to its moneyless economy, Flax ambushed the Stargazer, leading to his death in the "Battle of Maxia". Bok arrived in the system afterwards searching for his son's ship, but instead found the abandoned Stargazer and kept it as a personal prize, until he could avenge himself on Picard for his son's death.

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