Bodan was a Bajoran deputy in the Bajoran Militia. He was working for Kai Winn Adami in 2375.

Kai Winn instructed him to search for Ranjen Solbor after he disappeared. Later, she ordered Bodan to remove Dukat (disguised as Anjohl Tennan) from her rooms after he betrayed her. Bodan brought him to the Bajoran people, who Winn expected would be friendly to a blind man. (DS9: "When It Rains...")

Bodan was played by an unknown actor.
Bodan had no part in the first draft script of "When It Rains...". Initially, "two high-level Bajoran security officials" were sent by Winn to search for Solbor. Later in the same draft of the script, Winn (on her way to officiate the Festival of Lights in Kendra Province) left her residence telling Dukat, "An attendant will show you out shortly." However, no such attendant actually appeared due to a scene change. Bodan was inserted into the script by the time the final draft of the teleplay was issued; he fulfilled the same functions in that script draft as he does in the final version of the episode. [1]