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Blaze of Glory (episode)

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"Blaze of Glory"
DS9, Episode 5x23
Production number: 40510-521
First aired: 12 May 1997
119th of 173 produced in DS9
119th of 173 released in DS9
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470th of 728 released in all
Sisko and Edington talking on a Runabout (DS9)
Written By
Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Directed By
Kim Friedman
Unknown (2373)
Arc: Eddington vs. Sisko (3 of 3)  
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To prevent a Maquis missile attack from reaching Cardassia, Sisko must force Starfleet traitor Eddington to lead him to the launch site.



Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko and Nog are having dinner together - squid, Nog's favorite human dish. Jake also likes it until Benjamin reveals that the sauce is puree of tube grubs.

Nog is asked about his job with security. Jake whispers something and it is revealed that Nog has problems with the Klingons who ignore him because he is a Ferengi.

Then General Martok enters the room and explains to Sisko that they have received an encrypted message from the Maquis which states that missiles are ready to launch.

Act One

Worf and Jadzia Dax report back from a mission in the Badlands. They had problems hiding there, and Miles O'Brien explains that the warp drive of the USS Defiant is too powerful and that it ionizes the gases in the Badlands nebula.

Captain Sisko visits ex-commander Michael Eddington in prison. Eddington denies that the message about the missiles involves him. He says he has nothing to do with the Maquis anymore, that they are all dead, and they cannot be reborn.

Quark is in the infirmary treated by Dr. Julian Bashir. It appears that Morn attacked Quark with a barstool. Quark claims it was unprovoked but Kira Nerys and Odo reveal that Quark told Morn that Deep Space 9 is the first target if the Dominion attack - and if that happens, there is no chance of survival. Morn responds with panic.

Act Two

Sisko contacts Kira on DS9 explaining that he is going to the Badlands. Kira wants to send the Defiant, but Sisko tells her he is not alone, and he reveals Eddington on board the runabout.

Eddington philosophizes about food and Maquis morals. He suggests that Sisko's fight against the Maquis is personally driven. Sisko eventually counters by saying that Eddington's leadership forced the Cardassians to ally with the Dominion, setting up the stage for war.

Act Three

Plasma field ignition

Destruction of Jem'Hadar ships

Back on DS9, Nog and Jake are sitting in Quark's. Nog waits for the Klingons to get louder so he can send them to the brig for disturbance. When they exceed 70dB, Nog laughs and prepares to arrest them, but he falls from his chair and the Klingons laugh at him.

Sisko and Eddington are attacked by the Jem'Hadar. Sisko tests Eddington's death wish, calling his bluff. He takes off his handcuffs and leaves him to steer the ship. Eddington is able to shake the Jem'Hadar off, but they soon return. Using the Maquis trick of igniting the nebula gases they destroy the Jem'Hadar and head for the missile base.

Act Four

Nog stands up to Martok

Nog has a conversation with Martok

For Nog, the last straw is seeing Martok and two of his aides lingering on the Promenade, in his and Jake's "favorite spot." To Jake's incredulity, Nog marches up to the Klingons and orders them to move on, or else he will be forced to arrest them for loitering, strictly prohibited by station rules. Martok bellows that the young Ferengi is either courageous or a fool to threaten him with arrest. Nog trembles, but stands his ground. Martok begins to laugh, acknowledging the young Ferengi's gumption, and he instructs his aides to move on.

Meanwhile the runabout arrives at the missile base. They are suddenly attacked by the Jem'Hadar. Sisko fights them hand to hand while Eddington shoots them from cover.

Act Five


Eddington and his wife Rebecca

They discover that all the Maquis followers are dead. Sisko insists on disarming the missiles, but then they find a small group of hidden survivors. One of them is Eddington's wife. It is revealed that no missiles actually exist, that the encoded message just said that the Maquis arrived safely at the meeting point. It was all a ruse to get Eddington out of jail and to trick Sisko into bringing him to the chosen destination.

More Jem'Hadar troops arive. Eddington tells Sisko to save the people, and he stays behind to fight off the oncoming troops. He is killed in the attacks, but his sacrifice gives Sisko and the Maquis followers time enough to safely escape. The runabout leaves the Badlands, and Rebecca sits distraught at the loss of her husband.

Back on the station, Nog brings Major Kira her lost earring loop, which he found after an exhaustive search of the areas she was working on the day before. The young Ferengi's industriousness and ingenuity continue to astound his superiors; Kira congratulates him on it, and he replies, "just doing my job." Entering a turbolift, they run into Martok stepping off. Looking up from his PADD, he greets Nog, "Cadet," and Nog replies with an equally brief "General." Nog beams as he and Kira step onto the turbolift.

Dax and Sisko talk about Eddington and the Maquis. Sisko admits that Eddington is not a traitor but was loyal to what he believed in until the very end. Dax asks if that's what it is, the end of the Maquis. Sisko is unsure about that, as there may be others out there who escaped the Dominion, biding their time and waiting for their chance to strike. And besides, Sisko muses, there's always something romantic about a lost cause. Dax tells Sisko that he almost sounds hopeful and leaves. Sisko then stares out of the window, thinking about Eddington.

Memorable quotes

"Witnesses say you were talking to him [Morn] right up to the second he went berserk."
"Of course I was talking to him. That's what bartenders are supposed to do. Talk to their customers."
"And what exactly was it that you were talking to him about?"
"All I said was that the military personnel on this station were starting to look a little nervous. And when they get nervous, I get nervous."
"That's all you said?"
"Basically... I might've done a little harmless theorizing."
"About what?"
"Oh... something like... it was only a matter of time before the Dominion launched a full-scale assault on the Federation and that when that happened the station would undoubtedly be their first target... and I might've idly suggested that there wasn't a hope in hell of any of us getting out of here alive."
"And that's when he hit you with the barstool and ran out onto the Promenade screaming 'We're all doomed'."
"Some people just don't react well to stress."

- Odo, Kira Nerys, Julian Bashir, and Quark

"Warning, attempting to access impulse flow regulators while engines are engaged is not recommended."
"Tell me something I don't know, Disengage safeties authorization Sisko A-471."

- Runabout Computer and Benjamin Sisko

"You are either very brave, or very stupid, Ferengi!"
"Probably a little of both."
(Laughing) "Indeed. Courage comes in all sizes. (Pointing to his missing eye) But don't tempt fate."

- Martok and Nog

"I can barely see two meters in front of me. How will I know what I'm aiming at?"
"I'll be the one holding the pipe."
"Attacking two Jem'Hadar soldiers with a pipe? That's a brilliant plan."
"It could be worse."
"I know. It could be me holding the pipe."

- Michael Eddington and Benjamin Sisko


- Michael Eddington's last words.


Story and script



  • After this episode aired, and the Eddington story arc officially ended, many fans found the character of Eddington a little difficult to pin down, some loved him, some hated him, many others were a little unsure of him. This sense of uncertainty is shared by Ira Steven Behr himself, "I still haven't figured him out. Do we like him? Do you not like him? Was he good? Bad? A pain in the ass? I'm not sure." Even Sisko appears to have trouble reaching a conclusion as regards the essence of Eddington's character. The final scene in the episode, between himself and Dax as he tried to come to terms with who Eddington was and what he stood for, was written precisely to try to get to the core of Eddington's raison d'être, not just for Sisko, but for the audience and the writers as well. According to Behr, "I felt it was very important to try to make sense of the man Eddington was. We owed it to Sisko to give him some kind of closure, some kind of understanding. On top of everything else, he let the guy die, basically." (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)


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