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The Xindi-Reptilian biorifle

Xindi biorifle

Biological component of a biorifle

The Xindi-Reptilian biorifle weapon is an example of biotechnology, a rifle-type energy weapon. The power cell is a lifeform resembling an eel. Its neural pathways modulate the rifle's power output; Doctor Phlox considered it the most sophisticated example of biomechanical engineering he had ever seen. If the organism is removed from the weapon, a new one grows almost immediately to replace it, making it very difficult to disarm such a weapon. The organism can be killed with a sustained burst of delta radiation. Omicron radiation, however, causes the organism to thrive. (ENT: "The Shipment")

This form of rifle was designed by junior illustrator Berndt Heidemann. ("Countdown" text commentary, ENT Season 3 DVD) He stated of the weapon, "They [the producers] said it's gotta be something alien–we don't want your typical handle/clip/trigger. And they wanted a rifle with something organic with it–they wanted to add that part of the Xindi, as if they utilized some organics in their technology. It has the flip-top, the whole front comes off, the front slides forward–this was definitely more than your usual gun. And Brannon [Braga] really liked H.R. Giger's art, and he wanted some Giger-esque things on it." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 149, p. 54)


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