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A bionic prosthetic is an bio-electronic implant designed to emulate and/or replace the function of the damaged/destroyed organ or limb. Some species (such as the Borg) made use of bio-electric devices to assist, specialize in a certain area, or completely replace an organ or limb whether it was damaged or not.


Below is a listing of characters in the Star Trek universe that have made use of bionic prosthetics.

Major Characters 
Minor Characters 



The Borg purposely modified limbs by either adding or extracting certain parts in order to enhance them for specific tasks.


When a Bynar was born, a surgeon removed the child's parietal lobe and replaced it with a synaptic processor. Doctor Phlox saw the procedure performed when he encountered the Bynars. He likened the Bynar system to, unknown at the time, a benign form of the Borg Collective. (ENT: "Regeneration")

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