A biogenic field was an energy field composed of biological energy. Such a field had the ability to render an individual unconscious.

In 2372, the crew of the USS Voyager encountered the Bothans, a species whose starships emitted a biogenic field that had psionic properties capable of inducing hallucinations in organic lifeforms. (VOY: "Persistence of Vision")

Upon visiting the Nechani homeworld in 2373, the crew of the Voyager discovered that the Nechisti shrine emitted a powerful biogenic field. Fortunately for the Nechisti Order monks living there, it also contained traces of iridium ions which offered some protection against the field. (VOY: "Sacred Ground")

Species 8472 was found to emit a natural biogenic field around their bodies, capable of shielding themselves from sensors. (VOY: "Scorpion", "Scorpion, Part II")

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