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Bill Spradlin is a visual effects artist who is currently Senior Lighting Technical Director at Digital Domain. He directed the lighting for Digital Domain's visual effects shots on 2009's Star Trek. [1]

Spradlin began his professional career in the visual effects industry as Lead Lighting and Shading Technical Director at Pendulum Studios in December 2004. After working at Pendulum for seven months, he joined Pacific Title & Art as a lighting artist, where he worked on such films as Flightplan and Yours, Mine & Ours.

From December 2005 through June 2006, Spradlin was Senior Lighting Technical Director at Warner Brothers. While there, he served as Lead Lighter on the 2006 films The Lake House (which starred Christopher Plummer) and The Astronaut Farmer (which starred Virginia Madsen), as well as the 2007 science fiction thriller The Invasion. Spradlin next became Senior Lighting Technical Director at visual effects studio Hydraulx, where his projects included the music video for Tool's song "Vicarious" and the blockbuster film 300.

Spradlin joined Digital Domain as a Sequence Lead on Disney's Meet the Robinsons in August 2006. Upon completion of his work on this film in March 2007, he was named Senior Lighting Technical Director at the company. Since then, he has worked on effects shots for the films Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (featuring Lee Arenberg, Vanessa Branch, and Greg Ellis), The Golden Compass, Speed Racer (composed by Michael Giacchino), and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

In addition to Star Trek, Spradlin is Digital Domain's Lead Lighter on G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, also for Paramount Pictures. Like Star Trek, this film features actress Rachel Nichols.

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