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Galaxy class USS Enterprise-D studio model build cast secondary hull assembled by Bill Concannom

Concannon working on the Enterprise-D model

Bill Concannon, often misspelled as Bill Concannom, is a model maker who is specialized in working with neon and creating neon sings, sculptures and special effects for the motion picture industry. As a member of Industrial Light & Magic, he participated in the creation of the USS Enterprise-D for the Star Trek: The Next Generation pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint" in 1987 and worked on seven of the Star Trek feature films. [1]

In 1975 Concannon founded his own studio, Aargon Neon and one year later he started to work for the motion picture industry. He created neon effects and props for productions such as all six Star Wars films, the Back to the Future trilogy, 1941, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, One from the Heart, Howard the Duck, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Explorers, Basic Instinct, Ghostbusters II, Death Becomes Her, the television series Nash Bridges, Galaxy Quest, AI: Artificial Intelligence, Rent, Pursuit of Happiness, Zodiac, and Milk.

Concannon is also a well known artist and contributed to exhibitions worlwide beside teaching at Pilchuk Glass School, UCLA, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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