Bill was the first name of a fleet admiral who was the Commander in chief of Starfleet in the year 2293.

He attended the Khitomer Conference and identified Colonel West as the failed assassin of the Efrosian President of the United Federation of Planets with Colonel Worf.

His uniform was notably different to that of other flag officers, as it had two stripes of gold piping around the tunic flap instead of just one (as the other admirals and commodores wore). (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

This character's last name was not mentioned in the script. In the Star Trek VI novelization by Jeanne M. Dillard, he is identified as Admiral William Smillie. Some other games sources have called him Admiral Toddman, apparently intending to create a relation to a character Russom played in DS9: "The Die is Cast".

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