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A container of bilitrium

Bilitrium was a rare, crystalline element that could be an incredibly powerful source of energy when combined with an antimatter converter.

In 2369, Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorist Tahna Los, aboard the runabout USS Yangtzee Kiang, rendezvoused with Lursa and B'Etor's Bird-of-Prey near the lower moon of Bajor VIII in order to buy a canister of bilitrium in exchange for thirteen kilograms of latinum. Combining the canister with the antimatter converter he stole from the Cardassians, Tahna was able to construct a explosive device aboard the runabout.

The USS Ganges monitored the exchange from behind the second moon and attempted to intercept him, but Tahna threatened to detonate the bomb in low orbit and wipe out the colonies on the surface. The Ganges was forced to allow him to head towards the Bajoran wormhole, where the device was detonated in the Gamma Quadrant without harming the wormhole or bystanders. (DS9: "Past Prologue")

In 2370, while searching for the Duras sisters, Commander Riker recalled that they had tried to sell bilitrium at Deep Space 9. (TNG: "Firstborn")

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