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A bicycle was a two-wheeled (one behind the other) non-motorized vehicle operated by the user sitting on it and pedaling to propel it.

In 2063, a man was riding a bicycle just before the Borg attacked. The energy weapons they used blew up a nearby building, and sent him flying off the bicycle. (Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2151, when Enterprise investigated the disappearance of the Terra Nova colony, one of the things they found left in the abandoned city was a broken bicycle. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

In 2373, Admiral Charlie Whatley told Captain Benjamin Sisko to spruce up the "floating bicycle wheel of his", referring to Deep Space 9, as the signing ceremony for Bajor's admission to the United Federation of Planets was going to occur on the station. (DS9: "Rapture")

In 2374, Tom Paris jokingly suggested to set up a bicycle in the mess hall, attach a generator and pedal home, when the USS Voyager was forced to go into gray mode. He then "volunteered" Harry Kim for using it. (VOY: "Demon")

When Jonathan Archer and Daniels were trapped in the 31st century, Archer asked if Daniels would take a bicycle and turn it into a time machine. (ENT: "Shockwave, Part II")

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