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Beta Stromgren, remastered

Beta Stromgren in 2366

Beta Stromgren was the primary of the Beta Stromgen system. (This system was located in Sector 25434) This red giant star, located twenty-three parsecs beyond the Federation's farthest manned explorations, in Romulan-claimed space, supernovaed in 2366. In order to observe the star's collapse, the Federation dispatched the long-range Vega Nine probe. However, during its observations, the probe discovered a living spacecraft called Gomtuu, code named "Tin Man" by Starfleet, which was in close orbit of the star. Both the USS Enterprise-D and two Romulan warbirds were sent to investigate. It was learned that Gomtuu had arrived at the star to die.

Federation first contact specialist Tam Elbrun, aboard the Enterprise, was able to make contact with Gomtuu shortly before the star exploded. Gomtuu was able to fling both the Enterprise and a Romulan ship clear of the nova, before it, with Tam Elbrun aboard, disappeared to parts unknown. (TNG: "Tin Man")

Beta Stromgren was located in the Beta Quadrant. This star was classified as a Class M star. It had a magnitude of +5, which was the same brightness as Sol. (Star Trek: Star Charts, United Federation of Planets III)

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