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Lois Eckridge personnel file

Lois Eckridge's personnel file.

Beta Aquilae II was the inhabited second planet in its star system. The Beta Aquilae II Starfleet Academy annex was located there.

This planet was named in the personnel file of Lois Eckridge, who graduated from the Academy on stardate 42091.0. (TNG-R: "Eye of the Beholder", okudagram)

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on the chart "United Federation of Planets I", the Beta Aquilae system was located in or near Federation space, in the Alpha Quadrant. This system, also known as Alshain, was a binary star system. Primary was a Class G star with a magnitude of +3, which was ten times brighter than Sol. Secondary was a Class M star.
In the pre-remastered "Eye of the Beholder", Eckridge was born on this planet. Her planet of origin was changed to Psi Epsilon IV for the remastered episode.

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