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The Beta 5 materialization niche


The scanner, which resembles a green cube, used to interface with the computer while hidden.

The Beta 5 computer was a sophisticated computer built by unknown aliens from a hidden planet located more than 1000 light-years from Earth. It was installed at 811 East 68th Street, Apartment 12-B in New York City, occupied by pseudo-secret agent, Gary Seven, in 1968.


As a highly capable device, the Beta 5 is able to make analytical decisions, due to its extremely advanced artificial intelligence. This artifical intelligence is supplimented with a snobbish, feminie personality.

It is unknown if the Beta 5's snobbish behavior was unique to this model, or a fault common to all Beta 5 units, if indeed other units indeed exist, much like case of the Federations' EMH Mark I.

The Beta 5 contains a vast database of knowledge on other planets and the history of Earth. It has the ability to check news broadcasts from across the globe, as well as intercept and decode government messages thanks to its exceiver circuits.

The Beta 5 computer is also linked to a transporter chamber, located in an apparent walk-in vault, which can transport individuals simple by passing through the entranceway.

The Beta 5 also contains a materialization niche on the right hand side of its console that can be used for such purposes as producing false identification.


When not in use, the Beta 5 computer was hidden behind the bookcase in Gary Seven's office.

When hidden, the Beta 5 could be accessed through a scanner, which resembles a green cube, located on Seven's desk. While active, the cube glows brightly and then dims when waiting for further input. This interface device, however, is limited to only voice command input. For finer, manual control of the Beta 5, it must be taken out of hidden mode and accessed directly.


The Beta 5 was instrumental in the completion of Seven's mission in 1968 after Agents 201 and 347 were killed in an car accident on their way to their mission objective.

It assisted Seven in completing his mission by taking control of the flight telemmetry of the missile launch. This allowed him to cause a failure in third stage detachment of the rocket, and arm the warhead of the missile. The Beta 5 was able to block all commands to the rocket by McKinley Rocket Base and US tracking bases in Bermuda and South Africa. (TOS: "Assignment: Earth")

The Beta 5 computer's voice was provided by Barbara Babcock.
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