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Relive events and missions from the first four seasons of television's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in this collection of five full-length comics stories! Join up with the crew of DS9 as a mysterious toxic mold runs rampart on the station. Where did it come from? Does its appearance coincide with the arrival of a Federation Starship from the Gamma Quadrant? Find out in "Stowaway" and "Stowaway, Part II". Then stay put as "The Butcher of Bajor" lives out his final moments aboard DS9… but even he isn't prepared for how things end in "Old Wounds". Finally, in "Emancipation" and "Emancipation, Part II", a failed escape attempt by slaves from Chiaran ends with explosive results. But that's not all! Star Trek Archives Volume 4: DS9 also includes the special 8-page preview "ashcan" story "Hostage Situation".

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