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Benzan was the son of Kushell, the ruler of Straleb. In the early 2360s while training to replace his father, he fell in love with a woman from Atlec, Yanar. He soon found out that she was the daughter of his father's political enemy, Debin, the leader of the Atlec people. As their love was forbidden, they hired a local transport captain, Thadiun Okona, to deliver messages back and forth between them. Their relationship eventually led to Yanar becoming pregnant. Benzan decided to ask her to marry him, and stole the Straleb Jewel of Thesia, a priceless artifact he would eventually inherit, and had Okona deliver it to her.

At about the same time, in 2365, Okona's shuttle broke down in space, to be picked up and repaired by the USS Enterprise-D. His father's ship intercepted the Enterprise-D before Okona could deliver the Jewel, and demanded that Okona be handed over to him for stealing it. At the same time, the Atlec vessel tried to arrest Okona for impregnating Yanar, as that was the lie she told her father. Captain Picard decided to hold a meeting between all the parties aboard the Enterprise-D. It was there Benzen decided to tell everyone about their relationship, and that the Jewel of Thesia was in fact a gift he wanted to give to Yanar to ask her to marry him. Which the dispute was over, he did just that, and both parents were happy to hear it. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

Benzan was played by actor Kieran Mulroney.

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