Benthan Guard ships

Benthan patrol ships intercepting the coaxial warp ship

The Benthan patrol ships were starships used by the Benthan Guard.

In 2374, the coaxial warp ship was intercepted by Benthan patrol ships in the Kotaba Expanse, who were looking for Steth. They were driven off by an unknown starship piloted by the real Steth. (VOY: "Vis à Vis")

The patrol ship is playable in Star Trek Online's Delta Rising expansion as a prize from the Delta Expedition Lock Box, dubbed the Benthan assault cruiser (β). It also appears among Benthan NPCs. The Benthans also possess frigates and cruisers, respectively shrunken and enlarged versions of the patrol ship.
For unexplained reasons, the STO version of the ship flies with the bow and stern reversed from the TV version.