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Deputy Bennings in 2153

Bennings was one of the six thousand Human descendants from the Skagaran abductees of 1864.

In 2153, when Enterprise NX-01 visited the failed Skagaran colony, Bennings held the position of deputy sheriff, and often spent his time with his two compatriots, Nash and Franklin. The deeply-bigoted Bennings hated the Skagarans and frequently used his position to humiliate or even murder them. He also disliked Captain Archer, who he saw as a Skagaran sympathizer, and attempted to kill him when he learned of his true origin, but the attempt failed. (ENT: "North Star")

Bennings was played by James Parks.
In the final draft script of "North Star", Bennings was described thus; "Lean and volatile, he wears the tarnished star of a deputy sheriff [....] Gregarious but always with a slight edge [...] Bennings has a way of keeping people off-balance."

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