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Ben was a waiter working in Ten Forward aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2370. He was a civilian, and not a member of Starfleet.

Ben was friends with Sam Lavelle, Taurik, Sito Jaxa and Alyssa Ogawa. He occasionally played poker with them, as well as with some of the members of the senior staff, namely Commander William T. Riker, Lt. Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf, and Counselor Deanna Troi.

In 2370, after eavesdropping on Riker and Troi, Ben informed Lavelle and Sito that they were both being considered for the position of Ops night duty officer. (TNG: "Lower Decks")

Ben was played by actor Bruce Beatty.
According to the script, Ben signed aboard a starship for fun and adventure.
Ben made an appearance in the comics "A Handful of Dust" and "Ceremony of Innocence".

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