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Battle of the Pyrithian Gorge

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The Battle of the Pyrithian Gorge was one of the final battles fought between the Talaxian Defense Forces and the Haakonian Order, at the Pyrithian Gorge on Talax, during the Talaxian-Haakonian War. The battle was the Talaxians' final preparation for an invasion that never came, as almost simultaneously the Haakonian Order unleashed the metreon cascade on the Talaxian moon Rinax, forcing Talax to unconditionally surrender the next day.

In 2371, Neelix claimed to Kes that he had "gazed into the gaping maw of death – during the Battle of the Pyrithian Gorge I faced down an entire battery of Haakonian artillery." During the battle, his only cover was apparently a small crevice, which ultimately resulted in him becoming a hero. He later retracted his claim, and state that while he was on Talax, he was not fighting with the Defense Forces, but was rather hiding from them. (VOY: "Jetrel")

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