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Battle of Tong Vey

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Battle of Tong Vey
Date: Historical
Location: Tong Vey
Result: Victory for Emperor Sompek
Forces of Sompek Defenders of Tong Vey
Notable commanders
Emperor Sompek Unspecified
10,000 Klingon warriors Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Entire force + civilian population of Tong Vey

The Battle of Tong Vey was a legendary Klingon battle in which Emperor Sompek lead an army of ten thousand warriors against the city of Tong Vey. The army laid siege to the city for a long time before the city fell. Soon after, the warriors burned the city to the ground.

Worf had a holoprogram of the battle aboard the USS Enterprise-D. He brought it to Deep Space 9, where he often used it in Quark's holosuites. He used the program a day before he commanded the USS Defiant in a convoy mission in the Pentath system. (DS9: "Rules of Engagement")

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