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Battle of New York City

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Multiple realities
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Battle of New York City
Enterprise NX-01 Battle of New York City.jpg

Enterprise being attacked by Stukas over New York City

Enterprise being attacked by Stukas over New York City
Date: 1944
Result: Enterprise NX-01 and American Resistance victory, Temporal Cold War ends, timeline restored
Enterprise NX-01
American Resistance
Na'kuhl temporal agents
National Socialists
Notable commanders
Captain Jonathan Archer Vosk
1 NX class starship, 5000 resistance fighters Four Stukas, German soldiers
Casualties and losses
Unknown All forces, Vosk

The Battle of New York took place on Earth in an alternate 1944 and was the final battle of the Temporal Cold War.

The crew of the Enterprise, commanded by Jonathan Archer, supported the American Resistance in an attempt to stop the Na'kuhl Vosk, who was allied with the Nazis, from using his temporal conduit to return to the future.

After Archer led a team to destroy the shield generator protecting Vosk's compound, Enterprise used photonic torpedoes to destroy the compound, killing Vosk, repairing the timeline and ending the Temporal Cold War. (ENT: "Storm Front, Part II")

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