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The Barkano's file

The Barkano's file
Class: Transport
Affiliation: Cardassian Union
Status: Active (2360s)

The Barkano was a Cardassian transport ship that was in service in the mid-24th century. Sometime prior to 2369, the crew of the Barkano, believing their star charts were accurate, mistakenly piloted their ship into a collision with an asteroid from a nearby asteroid belt. The Barkano was damaged by the collision; however, there were no fatalities. An official inquiry into the accident by Glinn Delgado of the Cardassian Union concluded that the star charts for the Barkano may have been altered by members of the Bajoran terrorist faction Kohn-Ma. A brief summary of this accident and the inquiry's findings were stored in a file on the Bajoran Intelligence net. Major Kira Nerys would later browse this file, along with others, when researching the past activities of the Kohn-Ma in 2369. (DS9: "Past Prologue")

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