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Tolen Ren

Tolen Ren, a Banean male

Lidell Ren

Lidell Ren, a Banean female

Banean logo

The Banean insignia

Banean script

Banean script

The Baneans are an avian humanoid species native to Banea in the Delta Quadrant. As of 2371, they were at war with the Numiri, with whom they originally shared a homeworld.

A generally pleasant people, they have a strict legal system. For example, murderers are forced to relive their victim's last moments periodically, by means of inserting the memory engrams of the victim into their brain. The medical technology that makes this possible is very advanced by Federation standards. Prior to this method, lethal injection was the means of punishment for murder.

There are several Numiri spies among the Banean people. In 2371, one of these spies framed Tom Paris of the USS Voyager for the murder of the Banean weapons expert Tolen Ren, after a dalliance with his wife Lidell Ren. (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")


The Banean heart is located through the intercostal space between their eighth and ninth right ribs. They have distinctive forehead ridges similar to the combs of some species of Earth birds, and feather-like structures around their faces and on their brows. (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")


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