Bajoran mandala

A Bajoran mandala

A Bajoran mandala was a religious object of Bajoran origin.

A 6th century Bajoran mandala was in an Andorian chest auctioned off by Quark in 2373. A Vedek was interested in the chest, but dropped out of the bidding at 2 bars of latinum. Jake Sisko and Nog were also interested in the chest, as they wanted to obtain a Human baseball card that was inside for Jake's father, but it was eventually bought by Elias Giger for 10 bars. When Giger later disappeared, Jake and Nog saw the Vedek talking to Kai Winn, leading them to the mistaken conclusion that Winn had captured Giger in order to obtain the mandala. (DS9: "In the Cards")

Leeta's prayer mandala ("Call to Arms") was presumably also Bajoran.

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