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Bahrat was the manager of a trade station near the Nekrit Expanse in the Delta Quadrant. He was especially cautious of security on his station, making sure everything proceeded smoothly and that there was minimal-to-no illegal activity or trading. Due to the extensive amount of work to do on the station, Bahrat was continuously preoccupied with issues.

As station manager, Bahrat imposed many strict guidelines for trading on the station, including collecting a 20% commission on all trades, and probable communications and location monitoring. While on the station, Neelix met an old friend named Wixiban who he helped in a trade affair. Unknown to Neelix, it was a drug deal and it went badly. Bahrat informed Janeway that one of the dealers killed had been shot by a Federation weapon. Neelix convinced Wixiban to tell Bahrat the truth. After hearing the confession, Bahrat made a deal with the two that, if they helped him capture Tosin (the narcotics dealer), he would not prosecute them. The plan worked and Tosin was arrested. Bahrat was satisfied that he had rid the station of drugs and that forgiving Neelix's offense had been a small price to pay. (VOY: "Fair Trade")

Bahrat was played by Carlos Carrasco. The name of his species is unknown.
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