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Swinn Ensign Swinn

Bahni Turpin is an actress who played Ensign Swinn in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes "Tuvix" and "Resolutions".

Beside being an actress Turpin is also a Yoga teacher and appeared in several stage plays.

Turpin's acting resume includes films such as Rain Without Thunder (1992, with Carolyn McCormick, Iona Morris, and Ethan Phillips), Malcolm X (1992), Girls in Prison (1994, with Tom Towles, David Paul Needles, and J. Patrick McCormack), Brokedown Palace (1999, with Jacqueline Kim), Crossroads (2002, with Kim Cattrall), and Pryor Offenses (2004, with Gina Ravarra).

She has also appeared in television series such as Law & Order (1993, with Nehemiah Persoff), Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1996, starring Teri Hatcher and K Callan), Seinfeld (1998, with Jason Alexander and Jeanette Miller), MTV's Undressed (1999), ER (2000, with Lily Mariye and Jay Underwood), Judging Amy (2001, with Julie Cobb, Ethan Dampf, John Pyper-Ferguson, and Vyto Ruginis), Crossing Jordan (2003, with Miguel Ferrer, Clint Howard, Scott MacDonald, Cliff DeYoung, and Dave Power), Six Feet Under (2005, with James Cromwell, Joanna Cassidy, Anne Ramsay, and J.G. Hertzler), Cold Case (2004-2005), and Lincoln Heights (2007, with James Black).

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