The Ba'neth starship was a vessel utilized by the Ba'neth, a xenophobic species in the Delta Quadrant, first discovered in 2376.

Little is known about this type of starship, as they remain cloaked and are very difficult to detect. One of the Ba'neth's neighboring species, the Kesat, believed the Ba'neth to be a myth, until investigator Naroq proved otherwise.

A Ba'neth starship attacked the Delta Flyer in 2376, but the shuttle became the first vessel to survive an attack by such a ship. Lieutenant Commander Tuvok however, was seriously injured by a Ba'neth intruder, but with the help of Naroq and a photolitic converter, the USS Voyager was able to detect several Ba'Neth starships in close proximity to a space station, where they traded the converter for information which led to Tuvok's recovery. (VOY: "Riddles")

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