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Ba'ku village

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Ba'ku village

The Ba'ku village (2375)

The Ba'ku village was a settlement built by the species Ba'ku when they settled on their planet after leaving their homeworld around the year 2066. By 2375, the village housed six hundred Ba'ku. The village had no technology as the Ba'ku had decided, per their philosophy, to abandon it.

Ba'ku village through duckblind windows

The Ba'ku village through Starfleet duckblind windows

Some components of the village included a garden, a community eating lodge as well as two small bridges over a river, connecting the village to the planet's mountains and a lake nearby, as well as large bales of hay. In the center of the village, some of the quilts created by artisans apprenticing for thirty years were showcased.

Ba'ku food place

An eating center in the village

In 2375, the United Federation of Planets constructed a duck blind on the planet, in collaboration with the Son'a, near the Ba'ku village, where a team of Starfleet officers observed the Ba'ku while wearing isolation suits. Lieutenant Commander Data had malfunctioned after being shot as he discovered a Federation holoship near the lake and had caused chaos while running through the village and attacking fellow Starfleet officers and Son'a while invisible in his isolation suit. Later, Starfleet holographically recreated the Ba'ku village on the holoship to fool the Ba'ku and transport them away from their planet so the Son'a and the Federation could collect metaphasic radiation from the planet's rings without harming the Ba'ku. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

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