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B-24-CLN was a Federation starship that had been decommissioned by the mid-24th century. Prior to 2368, the B-24-CLN was assigned to Surplus Depot Z15. (TNG: "Unification I")


B-24-CLN study model

B-24-CLN study model

It is unclear what the registry or designation of this ship was intended to be. The nacelle pylons both prominently feature the number 4. Port nacelle features 4-CLN and the starboard nacelle features 444. On the top of the saucer section it reads B-24-CLN. The model was sold in the Propworx auction. The website of the auction features photos of the ship from varoius angles. [1]

The model used for B-24-CLN was one of the concept USS Enterprise study models designed by Ken Adam and Ralph McQuarrie for Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. Although the designations were not legible on screen in "Unification I", they appear on the study model, a photo of which was first made public in The Art of Star Trek, page 56.

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