B-24-CLN was a Federation starship.

The ship had a typical Federation starship hull structure with a saucer section primary hull and two warp nacelles connected with pylons to the secondary hull. The aft end of the triangular secondary hull featured the ship's shuttlebay. (TNG: "Unification I")


By 2368, the B-24-CLN had been decommissioned and assigned to the Surplus Depot Z15 in orbit of Qualor II in Sector 213. The facility was responsible for storing the hulls and salvaging useful components from such decommissioned vessels.

During that year, the USS Enterprise-D flew past the ship during a visit at the Depot. (TNG: "Unification I")

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B-24-CLN study model

B-24-CLN study model

The model used for B-24-CLN was one of the concept USS Enterprise study models designed by Ken Adam and Ralph McQuarrie for Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. Although the designations were not legible on screen in "Unification I", they appear on the study model, a photo of which was first made public in The Art of Star Trek, page 56.

It is unclear what the registry or designation of this ship was intended to be. The nacelle pylons both prominently feature the number 4. Port nacelle features 4-CLN and the starboard nacelle features 444. On the top of the saucer section it reads B-24-CLN. The model was sold in the Propworx auction. The website of the auction features photos of the ship from various angles. [1]

The study model was an inspiration for the design for the USS Discovery, the titular ship of Star Trek: Discovery.(citation needededit)

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