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B'Tardat was the minister of science on Kaelon II.

He authorized Dr. Timicin, a Kaelon scientist, to work with the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in hopes of finding a way to stabilize the dying sun of Kaelon. When the experiments failed, Minister B'Tardat ordered Timicin to return to the planet. The Kaelon commit ritual suicide at age sixty to relieve the burden on their families of caring for the aged.

When Timicin asked Captain Jean-Luc Picard for asylum, B'Tardat threatened to attack the Enterprise-D. He sent warships and ordered them to fire on the Enterprise-D if it left the system with Timicin aboard. A confrontation was averted when Timicin returned on his own to the planet. (TNG: "Half a Life")

B'Tardat was played by Terrence E. McNally.

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