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Azati Prime system

Azati Prime System

The Azati Prime system was a planetary system in the Delphic Expanse. Its coordinates are 1127.4 × 4052 × 3901.1. The system's primary, Azati Prime, was a red giant.

The system possessed four inner planets, two of which were colonized by the Xindi. One of these planets was the construction site for the Xindi superweapon.

These inner planets were surrounded by a large array of thousands of artificial satellites that create a detection grid and security net. It was extremely sensitive and had no weaknesses. If one of the satellites was destroyed or disabled, the other satellites filled up the gap. (See also: Security zone)

The system's outermost body was a planetoid. This planetoid was the site for a Xindi monitoring post, which was destroyed by the Enterprise NX-01 to prevent them from revealing their presence in the system.


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