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Axanar script

Axanar script

The Axanar language is spoken by the Axanar species. Like the languages of many humanoid species, the language contains consonant and vowel sounds like those found in Human languages. Enterprise NX communications officer Hoshi Sato had to learn the language quite quickly in order to clear up a misunderstanding with an Axanar captain, in order to prevent him or an alien vessel from destroying the Enterprise. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

Established words

  • Tuk-dak: ship
  • Duur: in
  • Kuunat silah: distress
  • Tuk-dak duur Kuunat silah - (The) ship (is) in distress

What was heard from the log

Iktuur suktaka, testa tono ista bhur. Owawala kuunat. Iste katsi kolo. Madringu du-stempru. – Kana la staka owawala, Utamilasa testa tono ista bhur. Usha vitar. Itar minuva. Tatal derikuu. – Varoshan. Silah min priku kalani...

What the Axanar captain said before Hoshi started talking

  • Atata virula. (Archer says something, not to him)
  • Auri tua.
  • Via lo owaua, vinass oran tuo kara. (Hoshi sends a message to tell him they sent the message)
  • Ora ti, artara ross ruo-day (Likely: "But the message came from our ship, not yours).
  • (Hoshi explains)
  • Vi tora avaia ti. (He thinks Enterprise killed the Axanar crew)
  • Tah ka noss morat (Starts to get angry)
  • Ora a'ta hos' (Hoshi now believes he won't help)

The conversation between Hoshi and the Axanar Captain

Hoshi: Uta doi wa.

Axanar: Ata is. Vinas, alo.

Hoshi: Uta wa ista. Ura, mie ista bhur

Axanar: Ito va vovara.

Hoshi: Istat tu'o tu'o va amas turasta. Vendierlu ierlu asta no nim/wim?. Ura, uta, doui ura.

Axanar: Sitara.

Hoshi: Latuna day.

Axanar: Aywos owaua.

Hoshi: Tunmeka

Axanar: Maista

Hoshi: Day

Deduced Phonology

Stops: Unvoiced: P, T, K, ' (Glottal stop as in uh-oh) Voiced: D

Fricatives: Unvoiced: S, SH, H Voiced: BH (V with both lips, span. haber), V

Nasals: Voiced: M, N, NG (As in sing, never as in finger)

Approximants: W

Laterals: L (As in fellow), RL (As in ball)

Trills: R


  • A, E, I, O, U as in Italian or Spanish.
  • AU = ow in now, IE = ee-eh, AI = eye, OU = ow in low

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