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Axanar captain

An Axanar in 2151

The Axanar were an androgynous humanoid species with an average life span of four hundred years, native to the planet Axanar. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

Physiology Edit

The Axanar had green blood. Their bodies produced triglobulin from the zymuth gland. This substance had medical and aphrodisiac properties, and was used by a number of different species for those purposes. Some even forcefully "harvest" Axanar for their triglobulin.

The Axanar apparently preferred a nitrogen-methane atmosphere. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

History Edit

In 2151, Humans made first contact with the Axanar via Enterprise NX-01, when an unnamed species had attacked one of their freighters. Enterprise sent an away team over to investigate, and found the mutilated corpses of the crew. When the Axanar returned, responding to a distress signal set by the Enterprise crew, a translator malfunction led them to believe that Enterprise itself was responsible. Shortly afterwards, however, Hoshi Sato, having translated the Axanar language, was able to convey to the Axanar that the true attackers were the ones attacking Enterprise, to which the Axanar offered assistance. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

Sometime prior to 2152, an Axanar starship stopped by the automated repair station. One of the Axanar crewmen was secretly added to the station's humanoid hosts whose brains had been tied to the computer of the station. (ENT: "Dead Stop")

By the mid-23rd century, a conflict had broken out at the site of the Axanar's homeworld, involving the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet, and Captain Garth of Izar. Garth was victorious in what became known as the Battle of Axanar and his exploits in the action became required reading at Starfleet Academy. James T. Kirk participated in the subsequent peace mission at Axanar, for which he was awarded the Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission. (TOS: "Court Martial", "Whom Gods Destroy")

Riker personnel file 2 remastered

Axanar in Riker's service record

In 2367, while exploring a cavern on Alpha Onias III, Commander William T. Riker was rendered unconscious by gases. While unconscious, neural scanners scanned Commander Riker's brain and used elements of Riker's expectations of his future to construct a holoprogram. In one of the simulations, Riker's future service record included a note about the Axanar. Supposedly, the species hosted a conference on Beta Quadrant exploration and Federation security that was held at the Deneva Special Congress on Interstellar Affairs. On stardate 52384, Riker, then captain of the USS Enterprise-D, was selected for recognition as the special Federation representative to this conference. (TNG: "Future Imperfect", okudagram)

Individuals Edit

There have been no named Axanar in canon.

Appearances Edit

The Axanar were the first "new" aliens from Star Trek: Enterprise to be seen in promotional materials released through TV Guide in the summer of 2001.
For the remastered episode of "Future Imperfect", the original text of Riker's service record was replaced.

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