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Automated Unit 3947 was an Automated Personnel Unit created by the Pralor and programmed as a ship's maintenance unit. He was activated by a Builder on the Pralor homeworld in the year 2222.

In 2372, unit 3947 (who had, at that point, been in service roughly 150 years) was badly damaged and adrift in space after its asteroid mining pod was disabled. It was later discovered by B'Elanna Torres, who, with the assistance of The Doctor, Harry Kim, and Kathryn Janeway, was able to repair it.

Torres found it to be sentient, and it communicated with her in a male voice. The unit then beamed Torres aboard one of its sister ships. He wanted Torres to build a module that could be used to build more models like himself.

At first Torres helped the units by building a prototype, conversing with 3947 about his creators and exchanging information about her own culture; 3947 was particularly fascinated to learn about Data, a machine like himself but nevertheless treated as an equal to the 'Builders'. However another ship with similar units appeared and fired on the Pralor starship, resulting in the truth about the conflict between the two sides being revealed. Torres destroyed the prototype before being beamed aboard one of USS Voyager's shuttlecrafts piloted by Tom Paris. (VOY: "Prototype")

Unit 3947 was the first of several Star Trek roles played by Rick Worthy, who also played Cravic unit 122 in the same episode.
Given the ease with which 3947 was able to access information about his past and the omission of the Pralor-Cravic conflict from his story, it is likely he was lying when he claimed he was unable to access information pertaining to why his mining unit exploded.
The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives its name as Pralor Unit 3947.

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