An autoclave was a small medical storage chamber. There were two autoclaves on either side of the imaging chamber in sickbay of NX-class starships.

While attempting to ransack Enterprise NX-01, a Ferengi pirate leader named Ulis ordered Ferengi subordinates Muk and Grish to open the ship's autoclaves. The pair did so, Grish searching the autoclaves to the left of the bed while Muk looked in the compartments to the right, and all the while they were unknowingly being watched by T'Pol in Engineering. Grish found the autoclaves on his side empty, though Muk found a surgical instrument in the upper right autoclave. (ENT: "Acquisition")

The term "autoclave" comes from the final draft scripts of "Dear Doctor", "Acquisition", and "Singularity". In the "Dear Doctor" script, Doctor Phlox was referred to as "unloading some sterilized instruments from the autoclave." In the "Singularity" teleplay, Phlox was described as "removing surgical instruments from an autoclave." [1] However, this action isn't shown in the final edit of either of these two episodes.

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