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Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

The attack on Starbase Yorktown was an engagement between Starbase Yorktown, the USS Franklin, and a massive fleet of 250,000 swarm ships commanded by Krall.


After the United Federation of Planets was formed, Balthazar Edison was given command of the USS Franklin and sent on exploratory missions, something he despises as he was a soldier and he thrived on war, not peace. Eventually, while on a mission in the Gagarin Radiation Belt in 2164, the Franklin disappeared, presumably through wormhole displacement and crash-landed on Altamid. While Edison and his surviving crew sent out a distress call, the Federation never responded and Edison believed the Federation had deliberately abandoned them. Driven insane by the Federation's perceived abandonment and his desire for revenge, Edison used the Ancient Ones' energy transference technology to survive and became the alien warlord Krall with the two surviving members of his crew becoming known as Kalara and Manas. The three were mutated to the point that they no longer looked human and they repurposed the drones and ships left behind by the Ancient Ones for their own purposes.

Learning of the Ancient Ones' weapon the Abronath, Krall, Kalara and Manas spent "lifetimes" searching for the two halves. They are eventually able to acquire one of the halves on their own and through a captured Magellan probe, they managed to hack into Starbase Yorktown's database and learned that the USS Enterprise possesses the other half. Krall sent Kalara to Starbase Yorktown under the pretense of seeking help for her distressed crew and is able to successfully lure the Enterprise into the Necro Cloud and to Altamid. In the battle that follows, the Enterprise is destroyed but Captain James T. Kirk is able to keep the Abronath half out of Krall's hands by hiding it with Ensign Syl.

Having captured the Enterprise crew and threatening to kill them all, Krall is able to force Syl to reveal she has the second half of the Abronath. After testing it on Syl, Krall and his forces prepare to depart for Yorktown to use the Abronath on the population and then to possibly use Yorktown as a base from which to launch further attacks upon the Federation. Before he can, Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Jaylah and Spock are able to rescue the Enterprise crew and kill Manas during an attack on his camp, but Krall gets away with the Abronath and his Swarm ship fleet. Knowing of his intentions, the Enterprise crew repairs the Franklin and uses it to pursue Krall to Starbase Yorktown.


Krall's Swarm ships emerge from the Necro Cloud and are detected by Starbase Yorktown's satellite network. The Swarm ships begin attacking Yorktown's defense satellites and easily destroys them while the satellites and Yorktown fire all weapons at the Swarm ships to little effect.

Emerging from the Necro Cloud behind the Swarm ships, the Franklin detects the attack along with distress signals from Yorktown on all frequencies. While the ship begins to arm all weapons, Jaylah objects stating that they can't defeat "the bees." As Kirk attempts to figure out a way to buy Yorktown time to evacuate, Spock realizes that the Swarm is too organized not to be communicating with each other and coordinating their movements. Spock and Lieutenant Uhura suggest that figuring out a way to disrupt the communication between the Swarm ships would enable them to defeat the Swarm.

After a brief discussion, Spock decides to beam onto one of the Swarm ship with McCoy in order to learn more about the cyberpathic connection between the ships. After hijacking a Swarm ship, McCoy takes over piloting while Spock locates the cyberpathic connection and sends the signal to the Franklin. Discussing their options, Spock suggests that they send a disruptive communication signal into the cyberpathic link which would sever the Swarm's ability to coordinate. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott suggests the Swarm network might be vulnerable to VHF radio signals, giving Kirk the idea to broadcast something "loud and distracting" to the Swarm to drown out their link. Hearing Kirk's words, Scotty comes up with the idea of using Jaylah's classical music from the Franklin's archives.

As Scott and Jaylah rig the Franklin to emit the signal, the Swarm ships finish destroying the last of Yorktown's defenses and start attacking the base's main gate. With the signal ready, Uhura reports that they would need to get very close to the Swarm for the signal to work. Kirk orders the Franklin flown into the middle of the Swarm. Following Kirk's commands, Sulu flies into the Swarm firing the Franklin's pulsed phase cannons. Noticing the attack from his old ship, Krall has the Swarm double-back to destroy the Franklin instead.

Once the Swarm is nearly on top of them, the Enterprise crew starts broadcasting a song at 57.7 megahertz, causing the Swarm ships near the Franklin to fly into disarray and crash into each other. The Franklin then flies through the Swarm, broadcasting the signal and destroying all ships near them. Seeing the success of their plan, Uhura sends the disruption signal to Yorktown which it begins broadcasting as well, attacking the Swarm from two sides. The disruption signal destroys all of the Swarm except Krall's ship and two other Swarm ships which are able to break through the damaged door and into Yorktown.

Realizing that Krall is continuing his mission to use the Abronath on Yorktown, Kirk orders Spock and McCoy to follow the three ships and stop them at any cost. Spock and McCoy's hijacked ship and the Franklin follow Krall's ships through the docking door, damaging the Franklin further. After encountering three police vessels, Krall flies his ships from the space lane into the interior of the Yorktown, followed by Spock and McCoy who unsuccessfully attempt to stop them while the Franklin follows them. Examining Yorktown's schematics, Kirk realizes that Krall is headed for Yorktown Headquarters. After Sulu and Chekov determine that Yorktown Central Plaza is being cleared, Kirk orders McCoy to make sure Krall heads for the plaza and orders Sulu to get the Franklin to the plaza. By flying straight at Krall's ships, McCoy forces them closer to the ground and as the three ships fly into the plaza. The Franklin suddenly arrives directly in front of Krall, causing Krall and his ships to crash into the Franklin's hull. The Franklin then comes to a final rest in the plaza.

Chekov detects three hull breaches from the impacts of the Swarm ships and Sulu, Chekov, Kirk and Uhura split up to check them out. Near one of the breaches, Kirk and Uhura find a crewman dead and Uhura recognizes it as being the energy transference Krall uses. Believing that Krall is still on board as they would've seen him leave, Kirk orders Chekov to contact Yorktown Security to help secure the ship. However, as they pass through the mess hall, Uhura spots an old recording of the Franklin crew playing and after reviewing the recording, deduces that Krall is actually Captain Balthazar Edison. Kirk has Scott search the ships database for information on Edison. Scotty learns that Edison was a soldier in the United Earth Military before the Federation was formed and he was given command of the Franklin. Watching Edison's last captain's log, they discover that his belief that the Federation has abandoned him has driven him insane and he intends to use the Ancient Ones' technology to survive and get revenge. Kirk realizes that Krall is looking for a place to inflict maximum damage with the Abronath and Scott informs him of Yorktown's atmospheric processor and the maintenance tower at the station's gravitational hub that Krall will have to use to access it. Kirk heads to stop Krall while sending Uhura to contact Yorktown to get the processor shut down until the situation is resolved and sends Scott and Jaylah to ensure it.

Meanwhile Krall, having resumed the majority of his human appearance as Balthazar Edison, escapes the Franklin in a stolen Starfleet uniform with the Abronath and makes his way to the maintenance tower. While Scotty and Jaylah work on disabling the processor, Kirk makes his way to the top of the tower where he confronts Krall with a phaser and asks what happened that turned Edison into Krall. Krall admits that he and his crew lost their former selves but believes that with the Abronath, they have found a way to bring the galaxy back to the struggle that made humanity strong. Krall explains that he is disgusted that he fought in wars that cost millions of lives and was then forced to break bread with those former enemies as the captain of a Federation ship. Kirk insists that they have to change with the times, but Krall attacks him and attempts to deploy the Abronath. Fighting Krall, Kirk knocks them both out of the glass chamber they are in and into open air.

Krall and Kirk land on a nearby roof where Kirk attempts to convince Krall to stop as he won the war he was fighting and gave them peace. However, Krall feels that all he is meant for is war and launches himself into the station's gravitational slipstream to return to the maintenance tower followed by Kirk. Krall activates the weapon before Kirk can stop him, but Kirk is able to subdue Krall. Scott informs Kirk that the only chance of saving Yorktown is for Kirk to flip four switches in the chamber that will open a sealed construction hatch in the processor. If Kirk can open the hatch in time, the Abronath will be vented into space but if he fails, it will be sucked into the processor and everything in Yorktown will die. Kirk is able to flip three of the switches, but the last switch is jammed as Krall recovers and attempts to kill Kirk with a shard of glass. Kirk kicks Krall into the Abronath cloud and both the Abronath and Krall are sucked towards the processor as it cycles. Before the Abronath and Krall can reach the processor, Kirk flips the final switch before getting sucked out himself. Krall and the Abronath are harmlessly vented into space where Krall is consumed and killed by the Abronath while Spock and McCoy rescue Kirk in their stolen Swarm ship.


Following the attack, the case regarding the Franklin is officially closed and Kirk is offered a promotion to Vice Admiral. Kirk, who had previously sought the position, declines after rediscovering his passion for exploration and adventure. After the USS Enterprise-A is finished, the crew of the Enterprise resume their five-year mission in their new ship. (Star Trek Beyond)

Justin Lin stated that 250,000 ships were used in the attack on the Yorktown. [1]

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