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Ator Tamras is an actress and stuntwoman who was a regular stand-in and background actress on Star Trek: Enterprise. As an extra, she received no on-screen credits for her appearances. Her costumes as Vulcan wedding attendee and Vulcan Syrrannite were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] [2]

Tamras doubled actress Juliette Lewis in the 2004 action comedy Starsky & Hutch, where she worked alongside David Soul, Fred Williamson, Scott L. Schwartz, and Thom Williams. She performed utility stunts in the comedy Spanglish (2004, with Alex Daniels and Jimmy Ortega) and J.J. Abrams' Mission Impossible III (2006, with Tracy Middendorf, Ellen Bry,Douglas Price, Steve Blalock, Dana Dru Evenson, and Thom Williams). In addition she served as stunt double in the 2007 fantasy film D-War, with Matthias Hues,Derek Mears, Brian Avery, and again Thom Williams.

Other projects she appeared in include the 2004 comedy Along Came Polly (with Todd Stashwick and Alex Daniels), stunt work in the television series Gilmore Girls and The Division, and a guest appearance in the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode The Doll (2001, with Zach Grenier).

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