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Atlantis project

The Atlantis Project

The Atlantis Project was a project initiated in 2367 as a way of creating a new continent in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth.

Jean-Luc Picard was offered the job of project director by his childhood friend Louis, a supervisor for the project, shortly after Picard's rescue from the Borg. Picard turned down the offer, preferring to return to the USS Enterprise-D. Having kept up with the project through journals, he wondered how they planned to accelerate the build-up on the underside of the mantle without increasing the stress on the tectonic plates, and suggested to Louis to use harmonic resonators to relieve the tectonic pressures. (TNG: "Family")

According to the non-canon novel "Stone and Anvil", Atlantis existed as a vital project as early as the 2350s.

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