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Assistant Manager of Policy and Clientele

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The Assistant Manager of Policy and Clientele was a staff position at Quark's on Deep Space 9.

The role of Assistant Manager of Policy and Clientele was created on the spot by Quark for Rom in 2369, after Rom impressed Quark during dealings with Grand Nagus Zek. (DS9: "The Nagus") Rom held the position until 2372, when he instigated the formation of the Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees for Quark's staff who had become disgruntled with the disgraceful terms of their employment at the bar. The Guild staged a strike and were eventually able to force Quark to introduce better terms, but following the successful completion of the strike action Rom left the bar, and his role of Assistant Manager, to take a position on the station's engineering crew. (DS9: "Bar Association")

Rom returned to the position at the end of 2373 for a period of six months as a cover while he committed acts of sabotage against the Dominion force that had taken control of the station. (DS9: "Call to Arms" through "Sacrifice of Angels")

Quark called the position "Assistant Manager of Policy and Clientele" in "The Nagus" while Rom referred to it as "Assistant Manager for Policy and Clientele" in "Call to Arms", an error that came from the script. The spelling "Clientele", rather than "Clientèle", was used in the scripts for both episodes.

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