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A drone uses assimilation tubules on an Enterprise-E crewman (2373)

Assimilation tubules were a pair of flexible needle-like devices that extended from the wrists or fingers of Borg drones. These tubules initiated the assimilation process by injecting Borg nanoprobes into a victim's bloodstream, and were capable of penetrating any armor or energy shielding known to the Federation. Assimilation tubules also allowed drones to interface with technology or even begin to reconfigure it using their nanotechnology. (ENT: "Regeneration"; Star Trek: First Contact; VOY: "Scorpion")

In their first appearance and in "Scorpion", the assimilation tubules appeared to be rigid, talon-like weapons; however, in later appearances on Voyager, the tubules seemed to be flexible objects, more along the lines of "tubules". This may indicate that they could stiffen depending on function. Although this technology is not seen prior to Star Trek: First Contact, they are seen in a flashback sequence in "Survival Instinct", suggesting that the Borg were retconned into having this technology during the time of TNG after 2366.

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