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Asil was one of Tuvok and T'Pel's four children. She was their youngest child and only daughter. She was conceived during Tuvok's eleventh pon farr, and was born in the city of T'Paal on Vulcan. (VOY: "Elogium", "Alice", "Unimatrix Zero, Part II")

Kathryn Janeway, a long time friend of her father, was present at her kolinahr at some point prior to 2371. (VOY: "Fury")

In an earlier draft of VOY: "Repression", Asil was a detective for the Vulcan police.
The Star Trek: Voyager Companion says that Asil may be the Borg Queen's name.
Her mirror universe counterpart was mentioned but did not appear in the novella The Mirror-Scaled Serpent. She served in the household of a prominent official of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. She used her position to gather intelligence to aid the Terran Rebellion. Like the rest of Tuvok's family, she was hidden to protect the secret of Vulcan telepathy, and was considered officially dead, murdered by the Alliance.

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