An arrival roster is a list of ships or persons due to arrive at a location.

Deep Space 9 - vessel arrival roster

The arrival roster at Deep Space 9

Deep Space 9 - vessel arrival roster 2

The arrival roster at Deep Space 9

In 2370, the arrival roster of space station Deep Space 9 included the following vessels:

Arrival Stardate Starship Departure Point CO
47550.1 USS Yorktown Theta Omicron IV Capt. H. Zimmerman
47550.5 USGS Powell Hispaniola Minor Capt. S. Sondheim
47551.8 CGM Gh'aster Jura'assic IV Capt. M. Prince
47551.7 FMS Geldonero Centre Minor Capt. F. Recio
47552.8 GCS Recio Annandale Capt. E. Robinson
47552.9 USS Yosemite New Brooklyn IX Capt. J. Swift
47552.9 ITA Elmira Carinae Delta V Capt. G. Gulliver
47553.2 USS Hispaniola Sol system Capt. J. Gump
47554.5 USS Gallico Starbase 58 Capt. J. Priestly
47556.3 FGMS Gyt'aerat Neutral Zone Capt. S. Crane
47557.1 GS 12 Organia Capt. H. Ellison
47560.5 USS G'Mat System C-111 Capt. W. Bligh
47561.4 W.E.B. DuBois Starbase 172 Capt. N. Land
47562.0 C-57-D Lunar Receiving Capt. J. J. Adams
47563.1 CAR 54-Q Arlington IV Capt. R. Savage
47565.0 USS D'hjty Cameron Station Capt. -
47566.1 USS Min'ow Zero Capt. K.L. Gifford
47566.8 GHD Per'ot Deneb XX Capt. R. Philbin
47567.2 SS Oregon Dytallix Capt. W. Clinton
47568.2 USS Aries Lilliput IX Capt. -
An okudagram displayed this list in DS9: "Whispers".

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